Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eyes closed

Every day she slips a little farther into sleep.

Thursday she was awake for an hour in the morning - talking, joking, eyes open and everything.

Friday she only opened her eyes for about 10 minutes, but she was having a harder time speaking. She couldn't speak above a whisper, but she was still responding when we talked to her. When I told I loved her very much, she responded with "I know."

Saturday she only opened her eyes while she was getting checked out by the nurse - and it was mostly because the blood pressure cuff hurt her. But she still responded, with her eyes closed, when I told her I loved her - she whispered "I love you too."

Today, Sunday, she hasn't opened her eyes at all. She can barely speak - it's pretty much an unintelligible whisper. Her breathing is really shallow - yesterday the nurse said her heart rate was high and her blood oxygen was low, which means we're getting close to the end. So Dad and I have been sitting with her, watching golf as she sleeps. (Yes, I actually enjoy watching golf, especially when I'm watching the first Australian win a Masters, ever!) We'll sit here with her as long as we can, as we let her slip away.


  1. Haven't commented until now because there are really just no words, but wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and the family all the time. (It also helps that the collage you made me is right by my bed, so you're always watching me...) <3

  2. Precious.
    Sending love.